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Welcome to our Virtual

Open House!

Since we cannot host our annual Open House in person, we are doing the next best thing! Click on the videos below to meet Celebration Preschool's Director, Brenda Shapbell, and hear more about our exciting school year ahead.

You'll also meet our teachers, and tour the Caterpillar, Bumblebee, Butterfly, Dragonfly and Firefly classrooms. We can hardly wait to meet you and tell you more about our wonderful preschool!

Visit Our Classrooms

Caterpillar Classroom (age 2-1/2)

with Miss Brenda & Miss Leah

Bumblebee Classroom (age 3)

with Miss Amy & Miss Rita

Butterfly Classroom (age 3)

with Miss Lauren & Miss G.

Dragonfly Classroom (Pre-K, age 4)

with Miss Carolyn & Mr. David

Firefly Classroom (Pre-K, age 4)

with Miss Amy & Miss Pattie

Our Play Spaces

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  • Playground_3.jpg

Preschool Playground

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  • PH3.jpg
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  • PH6.jpg

Indoor play area  in the church's fellowship hall for rainy, snowy or cold days